Rochester Cocktail Revival
June 5-11

What Happened Last Night

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  • We Ended Up At Prom

  • We Might Have Gone Back In Time?

  • Someone Got On The Bar

  • We Learned A Lot

  • We Got Dressed Up

  • We Had A Little Conversation

  • Still Not Sure What Was In The Punch Bowl....

  • We Toured Mexico Through Agave

  • Beef Tartare?

  • We Found The Fountain Of Youth (Negroni)

  • IDK... It Was A Movie

  • We Played Arcade Games

  • Someone Was Rolling Cigars

  • I Learned How Good Pineapple Juice Is

  • We Got Dragged To Playhouse

  • We Tried Tiki Drinks

  • I Got A Little Buzzed At Memorial Art Gallery

  • Met 3 Dudes Behind The Bar

  • Dan Martello From Good Luck Cooked For Us

  • I Practiced My Poker Face

  • I Think I Ordered Like 16 Drinks At Once

  • Tiny Fish Made Posters

  • I Learned About Kombucha At Bar Bantam

  • We Partied At ROCO

  • There Was A Live Band

  • Donny Clutterbuck Talked About NFTS (And Food Pairings)

  • I Saw A Galaxy In A Lemon Peel

  • Like 8 People Cheersed At Once

  • Robert Simonson Came To Town

  • I Had Some Pasta

  • DJ Chreath Played My Favorite Song

  • A Guy Wearing A Mask Made Us Drinks

  • Someone Wore A Libre Mask

  • We Ordered A Lot Of Shots

  • Someone Was Writing Poetry In The Garden

  • Someone Ordered Corn Dogs

  • A Girl Took A Shot On Someones Shoulders At The Bar Room Battle Royale

  • The Absolut Girls Came To The Party

  • There Was A Drink With A Dried Fruit On It

  • We Had Drinks On The Rocks