Rochester Cocktail Revival
June 5-11

Updated 04.08.22

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2022 Rochester Cocktail Revival Brochure

Save it, screenshot it, read all about it. Take a look at the 2022 Rochester Cocktail Revival Official Brochure and grab your tickets while they're still available!

Joaquin Simo Hospitality Seminar

Joaquin Simo talks to a group of us at Cure Bar to go over the importance of hospitality in the bar industry and provides tips on how to be sure your hospitality makes an impact on every guest.

Agave A to Z

A working Agave glossary project developed for the Rochester Cocktail Revival. We hope you find this ‘Agave A to Z’ guide useful. It is now yours, so please share and improve it. We look forward to your comments and your appreciation, and we hope you can visit the distilleries someday.